Updated on 02.04.2024

Visa question of the month - Influence of Global Entry on the duration of residence status

Your question: An employee recently received a new E-2 visa, issued for 5 more years. After reviewing her I-94 entry form, she noticed that she was only given status for 2 weeks. The date is the end…

Updated on 18.03.2024

Extension and change of status in the USA

Generally, US visa holders or ESTA travelers receive a temporary residence status when entering the USA. We explain the basics of extending and changing status.

Updated on 15.03.2024

Residence permit for the USA

It is one thing to be legally allowed to stay in the United States. It is another to prove your legal residence status. We tell you about the current legal situation regarding residence permits in…

Updated on 14.03.2024

Digital US visa: Digital Visa Authorization (DVA) on the rise

Now that the U.S. State Department has successfully completed the pilot program for digital visa approval, there are no more obstacles to the introduction of paperless US visas. We will inform you…

Updated on 13.03.2024

Guide for the Global Entry Interview

Global Entry is a special entry program for US travelers to minimize waiting times at the airport. Find out here how to get an appointment for Global Entry and how you can best prepare for the Global…

Updated on 12.03.2024

Visa question of the month - I-94 annotation for spouses missing

Your question: Our manager's spouse wants to work in the US and we have heard that an annotation is automatically made on the I-94 form. Unfortunately, we could not find it. Can she still work in the…

Updated on 01.03.2024

Who can use the Preclearance Program before entering the US?

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) offers US travelers at some airports the opportunity to go through border control before entering the US via preclearance. Reason enough to take a closer…

Updated on 07.12.2023

What are the Global Entry requirements?

The Global Entry program allows previously registered individuals expedited border control and entry into the United States. Here you can read which travelers meet the Global Entry requirements and…

Updated on 08.09.2023

Visa requirements for a trip to the USA with children

Are you planning to travel to the USA with children for tourism or business reasons? Find out which visa options are available for families, what family-friendly visa requirements there are and what…

Updated on 14.08.2023

Tightening of ESTA regulations for Hungary

For Hungarian travelers, visa-free entry into the U.S. with ESTA is now only possible to a limited extent. What changes can travelers from Hungary expect in the future?

Updated on 31.08.2023

Restricted ESTA entry after Cuba stay

ESTA travelers who have stayed in Cuba will be turned away at border control in the USA under certain conditions. We explain what you should bear in mind when traveling to the USA.

Updated on 12.06.2023

USCIS: Fraud allegations surrounding H-1B record-breaking season

The H-1B season is popular with employers to get work visas for employees through a lottery process. A huge increase in registrations in 2023 showed that some companies were trying to illegally cheat…

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