Typically, applying for a visa for the USA is not that easy and, above all, time-consuming. But with the so-called Interview Waiver Program or Visa Reissuance Program, certain applicants have the opportunity to renew their visa conveniently by mail instead of in a personal interview at the consulate.

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What is the Interview Waiver Program?

Under the Interview Waiver Program, certain applicants may, subject to specified requirements

  • apply for a U.S. visa even without an in-person visa interview appointment and
  • submit the application documents by mail.

This means that exceptionally the visa can be issued without an interview and you do not have to present yourself at the US Consular Section.

Until the introduction of this rule, all visa applicants between the ages of 14 and 79 had to appear in person at the US consulate without exception.

The Interview Waiver Program is also known as the Visa Reissuance Program or Visa Renewal Program.

Attention: The use of the Visa Reissuance Program does not automatically guarantee the granting of your US visa. In addition, despite applying for a visa by mail, applicants may be subpoenaed for an interview if necessary.

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Requirements for the Interview Waiver Program

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements for submitting documents by post:
  • Application is made for visas of categories B, C, D, E, F, H, I, J, L, M, O, P, Q, R, W
  • Applicants are younger than 14 years or older than 79 years
  • Extensions for the same visa category:

    • Visa was approved with an interview at the US consulates in Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich
    • the visa is currently still valid or has not expired for more than 48 months
    • J visas: persons have the same SEVIS number as in the initial application
    • F/M visas: persons are still in the same program/educational institution as in the initial application
  • Application is made in the country of own nationality/residence permit
  • No previous visa refusals (including ESTA)
  • No offenses under immigration or criminal law
  • First-time application:

    • another visa (other than a B visa) has already been issued with an interview at the US consulate
    • other visa is still valid or expired less than 48 months ago
    • Passport including US visa is still available


  • Anyone who has had a visa denial or criminal violation cannot qualify for the Interview Waiver Program.
  • L Blanket applications do not qualify for the postal submission process, an interview is required.
  • Applicants should be available to the consulate for further questions or a (possible) subsequent invitation to a personal appointment
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Application Procedure for the Interview Waiver Program

Those who wish to take advantage of the Interview Waiver Program must follow these steps to submit their visa application materials.

1st step:
To apply for a US visa, you must first obtain an online profile on the website of the visa information service CGI Federal Inc. In the profile, among other things, some yes/no queries are made regarding the interview waiver access requirements.

2nd step:
If applicants meet the above requirements and thus qualify for the Interview Waiver Program, they will be notified of this by a message in their online profile and can then choose whether to submit the application by mail. Alternatively, they still have the option of scheduling a regular appointment. If applicants choose to submit by mail, they will receive an "Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter" in their profile and will be prompted to send an email regarding the completion of their visa application materials.

3rd step:

On the "Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter" you will find all the information about the submission procedure, which please follow exactly. In addition, you will also find payment information for shipping costs and address details. If applicants do not follow these requirements, the visa application process may be delayed by the US Consulate. The submission process varies from U.S. consulate to U.S. consulate worldwide. Please inform yourself in time about the exact requirements and process steps at the respective U.S. consulate. In Germany you will find here current information.

In the German US consulates, the processing times for the postal submission procedure are around 2-4 weeks (from the time the application documents are sent to the U.S. consulate until the passport including the visa is returned to the applicant).

Attention: Finally, we would like to expressly point out once again that neither the waiver of the personal interview appointment nor the issuance of the visa can be guaranteed. The US Consulate reserves the right to invite applicants to a personal interview appointment at the US Consulate despite qualification for the Visa Waiver Program.

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