Updated on 07.12.2023

What are the Global Entry requirements?

The Global Entry program allows previously registered individuals expedited border control and entry into the United States. Here you can read which travelers meet the Global Entry requirements and qualify for the US entry program.

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Bild von Global Entry Portalen am Flughafen

The Global Entry Program, managed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, is reserved for people of certain nationalities and shortens waiting times at border control for members.

Currently, only a few selected countries are eligible for Global Entry, however the United States continually expands the entry program to new countries.

Citizenship as a Global Entry requirement

The more countries approved for Global Entry, the more US travelers can apply for the expedited entry process with Global Entry. Currently, Global Entry is available to trusted nationals from the following countries (in alphabetical order):

  • Argentina
  • Bahrain
  • Brazil
  • Canada (participants in the NEXUS program)
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Germany
  • India
  • Japan (currently only extension applications possible)
  • Mexico
  • The Netherlands
  • Panama
  • Qatar
  • Republic of Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom
  • USA and Green Card holders (= individuals with a US immigrant visa)

As the US entry program offers many advantages, the USA is constantly negotiating with other countries about participating in Global Entry.

In 2023, Croatia was officially added to the list of countries participating in the Global Entry program.
In some countries, Global Entry will initially start as a pilot program before general participation takes place. During the pilot phase, only a limited number of Global Entry members from the respective country will be accepted. A "Promotional Code" from CBP is also required for enrollment during this test period.

In Japan, for example, Global Entry is currently still being implemented as a pilot program. In principle, the initial application and the extension of membership are also carried out via "Promotional Codes". Unfortunately, however, it is currently no longer possible to process new applications for Japanese citizens. In order to enable additional initial applications for Japanese applicants to the Global Entry program, the system infrastructure is currently being expanded.

Depending on the nationality, further Global Entry requirements must be met. In addition, the basic application for Global Entry is identical, but individual steps vary depending on the Global Entry country in question.

Apply for Global Entry participation

Global Entry Registration

  1. Registration is first done online on the Trusted Traveler Program website. The registration fee is also due here.
  2. A country-specific security check is then required. As a rule, this background check is carried out by the state police authority. If this step is not done, the Global Entry application will not be processed further. In Germany, for example, the Federal Police is responsible.
  3. The final enrollment step involves an in-person interview with a US Border Patrol agent.

Global Entry Validity and Costs

Global Entry membership is limited to five years and can be renewed.

The application fee is 100 $. This fee is due again upon Global Entry renewal.

Global Entry Program Benefits:

  • Significantly shorter wait times at US border control at airport
  • Less administrative work
  • Available at almost all major US airports
  • Simplified control for US domestic flights
  • Participation in the TSA PreCheck®
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Who is not allowed to participate in Global Entry?

There may be various reasons why a person cannot qualify for Global Entry, e.g. if

  • the Global Entry application is incomplete,
  • a criminal offense has been committed,
  • immigration law violations have been committed or
  • the nationality is not eligible for Global Entry (e.g. Austria).

Border crossing and entry with Global Entry

Normally, passport control is carried out by US border officials at a counter, which can lead to waiting times at the border that can sometimes last for hours. Global Entry participants can avoid queuing and carry out security checks independently and automatically at dedicated Global Entry machines. We can only recommend this program to frequent flyers and business travelers in particular, or people who regularly enter the USA.

Bild von einem US-Grenzbeamten am Flughafen

Border control at the machine

On arrival at the airport, Global Entry members can complete the entry formalities themselves at the Global Entry Portal or Global Entry Kiosk. Either the travel documents and fingerprints are scanned manually at the machine or biometric facial recognition can be carried out at certain US airports.

Border control via cell phone: Global Entry Mobile App

At numerous US airports, Global Entry participants can now complete immigration formalities on their cell phone. Upon arrival at the airport, the new free Global Entry Mobile App took a selfie with their cell phone to verify their identity instead of waiting in line or using a Global Entry portal or kiosk.

The US authorities are continuously implementing new technologies to make entry even faster and more convenient for Global Entry participants in the future.


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Updated on 07.12.2023