Updated on 08.09.2023

Visa requirements for a trip to the USA with children

Are you planning to travel to the USA with children for tourism or business reasons? Find out which visa options are available for families, what family-friendly visa requirements there are and what…

Updated on 07.09.2023

Tightening of ESTA regulations for Hungary

For Hungarian travelers, visa-free entry into the U.S. with ESTA is now only possible to a limited extent. What changes can travelers from Hungary expect in the future?

Updated on 12.06.2023

USCIS: Fraud allegations surrounding H-1B record-breaking season

The H-1B season is popular with employers to get work visas for employees through a lottery process. A huge increase in registrations in 2023 showed that some companies were trying to illegally cheat…

Updated on 03.05.2023

Covid vaccination no longer required for US travels

On May 1, 2023, the U.S. government officially announced the end of the Corona vaccination requirement for travelers to the United States. This means that one of the last pandemic-related regulations…

Updated on 09.01.2023

Mandatory testing for US air travelers from China

As of January 5, 2023, testing is mandatory for air travelers from China entering the United States. Airlines check the tests before departure. Which travelers are affected?

Updated on 13.12.2022

Back to normal? Increase in global U.S. visa processing

After pandemic-related waiting times in the processing of U.S. visas, U.S. authorities have now managed to reach pre-pandemic levels. We look back at visa developments in 2022.

Updated on 08.11.2022

Abschaffung der Einreisestempel im Reisepass

Schon jetzt wird es immer seltener, dass Reisende bei der Grenzkontrolle in den USA einen Stempel im Reisepass erhalten.Wie können Sie zukünftig ihre genauen Ausreisedaten prüfen?

Updated on 31.10.2022

Restricted ESTA entry after Cuba stay

More and more ESTA travelers are reporting that they have been turned away at the border control in the USA due to a previous stay in Cuba.What reason do U.S. officials have for the rejection and…

Updated on 31.10.2022

Introduction of standardized IDs in the USA, starting 2023

After many years of preparation, the REAL ID will be a standardized ID requirement for U.S. citizens for domestic flights, among other things, starting in 2023.How is the REAL ID different from other…

Updated on 30.09.2022

US entry restrictions

Since November 8, 2021 the U.S. has eased entry requirements and travel is possible again with compliance of a variety of COVID-19 and sanitary guidelines. Read below to learn about the implications…

Updated on 22.06.2022

Facial recognition software now in use at all US airports

Facial recognition systems will be deployed at all U.S. international airports in the future, to increase security and reduce wait times for all travelers.

Updated on 20.06.2022

Quarantine and COVID-19 rules when entering the United States

Due to the corona crisis, we receive questions about the current U.S. travel restrictions as well as about the quarantine and COVID-19 regulations that apply upon entry and within the United States…

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