US visas are complex with various types. The most common categories are listed below. We're here to help.

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Visum USA

Basic information about the visa for the USA

A visa for the United States is usually affixed to the passport and allows passport or visa holders to enter or transit through the United States to another country or to stay in the United States.

In practice, this means that holders of US Nonimmigrant Visas - i.e. work visas, business visas, student visas, tourist visas, etc. – apply to enter the United States only at the border crossing during border control in order to be allowed to stay there. – apply to enter the United States only at the border crossing during border control in order to be allowed to stay there. The decision as to whether travelers are allowed to enter the U.S. on their visas is thus made entirely by the immigration officers of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). They are the ones who check visas and entry documents and subsequently allow or deny you entry into the United States. The approval of the entry and the permitted duration of stay is indicated by the entry stamp in the passport as well as the I-94 documented. Consequently, the authorities distinguish between the USA visa as a

  1. Travel document and the
  2. granted residence status (which shows the actual length of stay on site).

The length of time a person may stay in the US with a visa varies by category.

Depending on the category, only the US consulates or the consular sections of the US embassies worldwide are responsible for issuing a visa for the United States. Depending on the visa category, however, other US authorities may be involved in the application process beforehand. Elsewhere, we will explain in more detail which responsibilities and areas of responsibility the various U.S. authorities have.

Who needs to apply for a visa to the USA?

Normally, a visa is required for entry into the United States of America. However, the exception to this is th eVisa Waiver Program - VWP for short. Nationals of certain countries (e.g. Germany, Austria, Switzerland) areare exempt from visa requirements under certain conditions and can enter the US for up to 90 days without a visa for certain purposes of stay. Read more about the Visa Waiver Program with ESTA.

Those who cannot travel with ESTA and do not yet have a valid visa for the USA in their passport must apply for a visa in advance of their trip to the USA.

In contrast to most other countries, the visa application for the USA is a very complex and time-consuming procedure. In addition, there are very different types of visas for the USA. Therefore, you should inform yourself comprehensively about the special features of the visa application for the USA or contact our visa experts directly with confidence - contact now.

What are the visas for the USA?

Whether you are taking a business trip to visit American customers,would like to complete an internship in the United States ora work assignment of several years in the USA with your family is ahead of you - you may need a visa for the USA. Even if you are an au pair in the USA want to improve your English skills or finally fulfill your dream of a road trip in the United States of America, you can't get around a visa for the USA in most cases.

But as diverse as your USA plans are, so are the numerous visa categories that exist. U.S. immigration law basically distinguishes between the possibility of getting

  • temporarily with a Nonimmigrant Visa or
  • permanently with a Immigrant visa (= Green Card)

to stay in the USA.

Which visa for the USA is suitable for you depends on several factors (such as purpose of entry, duration of stay, qualification, citizenship, etc.).

Nonimmigrant visa for the USA

The Nonimmigrant Visa category includes all visa types that allow limited stay in the United States. As the name implies, it allows you to not immigrate to the USA but "only" temporarily travel to America and stay in the States. Depending on the purpose of stay, a different visa is possible.

Work visa categories

C-1/D Visa

For airline or maritime crew members who must enter the United States for work purposes



Simplified application process for e-registered US branches based on trade or investment


E-1 Visa

For companies that have significant trade (goods / services) with the US


E-2 Visa

For companies that invest significant capital in the US economy


H-1B Visa

For highly qualified employees and persons with an academic degree or comparable qualification



For work stays of journalists/representatives of foreign media companies traveling to the US on official business


L-1 Visa

For company-internal assignments to the USA of executives / managers / technical personnel of all nationalities


L-1 Blanket Registration

Simplified application process for all company locations worldwide listed in the L-blanket


O-1 Visa

For individuals with extraordinary abilities in the fields of science, art, education, business, sports or media


TN Visa

(Treaty NAFTA) For work stays of Canadian and Mexican nationals


There is no such thing as "the" work visa for the USA. Those who want to work in the USA are spoiled for choice. The types of work visas for the USA include individual access requirements, application procedures, costs and processing times. In addition, most work visa categories are complex and time-consuming procedures. It is worthwhile to thoroughly examine which work visa is suitable for the USA. In some cases, simplified application procedures exist for companies with significant cost and time savings.

The basic requirement is a concrete job offer from a US employer. The official applicant (= petitioner) is therefore always the US company for the foreign applicant / employee (= beneficiary). Please note that a work visa is company-specific. This means that the future employee can only work for the US company that submitted the visa application.

Visitor visa categories

B-1 Visa (Temporary Visitor for Business)

For business related entries


B-2 Visa (Temporary Visitor for Pleasure)

For tourist entries


Visitor visas are either eligible if you are not visa free with ESTA can travel to the USA, or if you are planning a longer stay in the USA (up to 180 days) for limited business or tourist purposes.

Training visa categories
J-1 visa

For interns, working students, dual students and trainees


F-1 visa

For students


M-1 visa

For vocational training


Whether you are interested in studying, au pair, work & travel, or professional development options such as internships or training in the U.S., the numerous visa categories in this area are as diverse as the educational opportunities in the U.S. itself.

An immigrant visa(Immigrant Visa)entitles the holder to permanent residence in the USA. Whoever obtains such a permanent residence permit - which is better known as aGreen Cardis known - can live and work permanently in the United States.

If you are unsure which visa to the USA you or your employees may qualify for,you are welcome to arrange a visa consultation with us.

Immigrant visa for the USA

Emploment-based immigration

Individuals of high national interest to the US, with special qualifications, or investors.


Family-based immigration

Relatives or spouses of US citizens


Diversity Visa Program

Participation in the annual Green Card Lottery


We advise you comprehensively on your visa options for the USA Get in touch with our experts now!
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