The easiest way to obtain a green card is through the Green Card Lottery. The U.S. government awards 55,000 green cards each year through the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery or Diversity Visa Program. Although a fair amount of luck is required, this is still the only way for many people to realize their dream of living in the U.S. The American Dream group of companies therefore offers extensive services especially for the Green Card Lottery: Find out more now at about the Green Card Lottery and register for the current drawing.

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What is the Green Card Lottery?

Since the mid-1990s, 55,000 immigrant visas have been drawn by the US government each year.Those who are selected in the annual green card program may apply for a green card. Several thousand Green Cards are issued in this way to participants from German-speaking countries alone.

The goal of the Green Card Lottery is to preserve the cultural diversity of the U.S. Almost anyone can sign up for the official Green Card Lottery. There are only two eligibility requirements:

  1. the country of birth
  2. the level of education

These minimum requirements must be demonstrated no later than the time of the green card win.

Participation in the Green Card Lottery can also be an alternative way for companies and their employees to obtain a visa to the United States.

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The process of the Green Card Lottery, officially known as the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery, follows a specific process:

1. announcement and start of the application period

The US government announces in late summer when the application period for the Green Card Lottery begins and ends. As a rule, this period is in October of a year.

2. Electronic application

During the application period, interested participants must complete and submit an electronic application form. This form is available on the official website of the U.S. Department of Stateavailable.

3. Meeting the requirements

Applicants must meet certain requirements to qualify for the lottery. These include providing personal information such as name, date of birth, gender, and address. They must also submit a digital photograph that meets U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements.

4. confirmation and preservation number

After the application has been successfully submitted, applicants will receive a confirmation number. This number is important to check the status of the application later.

5. Random selection of the winners:inside

After the application deadline, a computer program randomly selects a certain number of winners from the applications submitted. This selection is made without prejudice or discrimination.

6. notification of the winners

The selected winners will be notified by email between May and June. The notification will include instructions on how to proceed.

7. review and submission of further documents

The selected winners must now submit a number of additional documents to verify their eligibility. These include medical examinations, security checks and proof of financial resources.

8. visa interview at the US consulate

Winners who successfully pass the screening will be invited to a visa interview at a U.S. consulate or embassy in their home country. Here they must again prove their qualifications and answer additional questions.

9. issuance of visa

If all requirements are met and the interview is successful, the winners will receive the Diversity Visa, which entitles them to enter the United States.

10. Entry to the USA and Green Card

A few months after first entering the US, winners receive their green card, which allows them to live and work in the US permanently.

It is important to note that the exact process of the Green Card Lottery may vary from year to year, depending on US government policies and procedures. Interested parties should carefully follow the official information and instructions to ensure that they act correctly and do not miss any deadlines.

You can also get more information about the lottery at Here you can find out more about the GreenCard Service via The American Dream. Our sister company assists USA fans in compiling the documents and checks the information and the photo to ensure a correct application according to the strict requirements of the Department of State. If you win, the team will be on hand to advise and guide you through the next steps.

Registration and drawing


Those who enter the Green Card Lottery through U.S. authorities have the opportunity to apply online during a limited period of time to register. Registration for the Green Card Lottery DV-2025 will start at the beginning of October 2023 and will be open up to and including Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 18:00 Central European Time (CET).

With green card agencies such as The American Dream, the registration takes place throughout the year, meaning The American Dream customers can submit their data before the official registration deadline and thus have more flexibility in terms of time.

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At the beginning of May each year, the winners of the last GreenCard Lottery are fixed.

All participants can then check their personal results on the website of our sister company The American Dream - US GreenCard Service. We keep our fingers crossed that you will be among the lucky ones.

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The Green Card Lottery Service

Did you know that you can submit your Green Card Lottery application through our sister company throughout the year?

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The Green Card

History, meaning and criticism

The green card, a coveted symbol of permanent life in the United States, has undergone a fascinating evolution. Its origins date back to the Immigration Act of 1924, which regulated the immigration system. With the introduction of the quota system, the category of "permanent residents" emerged for people who wanted to live permanently in the USA.

Originally an "alien registration certificate card," the Green Card evolved over the years. Various names such as "Resident Alien Card" and "Form I-551" eventually became known as the "Green Card" in everyday life. It conferred security and legal status, which prompted attempts at counterfeiting. The card underwent several design changes to prevent fraud and was given machine-readable features in the 1970s.

A significant step was the introduction of the Diversity Visa Program in 1990. The Green Card Lottery was created to promote diversity in immigration. People from countries with low immigration have since had the chance to win a green card. Participation requires certain criteria such as education and no criminal record.

The Green Card Lottery is a random drawing. Applicants submit their data online within a period of 5 weeks to the lottery, which is subject to strict criteria. 6 months later, the winners are selected digitally by random drawing.
Winners must then meet a series of requirements for living in the US: These include filling out dozens of documents, a medical examination, proof of financial stability, and finally an interview at the US consulate.

Criticisms of the lottery include the lack of incentives for highly skilled immigrants and the process being perceived as bureaucratic. In addition, certain countries are excluded from participating in the lottery each year. Nevertheless, the green card remains an important step for immigrants around the world who aspire to the American dream.
Political developments influenced the green card lottery, especially under the presidencies of Trump and Biden. Requirements have been tightened and loosened again. The process of applying for a green card can be lengthy and challenging, but opens up the possibility for a new life in the US.