Updated on 20.05.2023

Visa question of the month - Multiple employers allowed in the US?

YOUR QUESTION: I will be working in the US for the subsidiary of my current employer on the L-1 visa. In this regard, I have the following questions: Can I work for other US employers at the same…

Updated on 16.02.2023

Visa question of the month - When must the visa extension be arranged?

YOUR QUESTION: I have a valid visa for the USA. How far in advance of the expiration date can I apply for the extension of the same visa? How is the visa extension application process different from…

Updated on 31.01.2023

Visa question of the month - Derived visa for adopted children?

YOUR QUESTION: We are applying for an L-1 visa for our employee. He is accompanied to the USA by his wife and three children. One of the employee's children is their common child (8 years old…

Updated on 09.12.2022

Visa question of the month - Passport Upload when applying for ESTA

Your question: For an end-of-year meeting of our group of companies, we wanted to apply for an ESTA authorization for our managing director. Apparently, recently you have to upload a photo of the…

Updated on 04.11.2022

Visa question of the month - Name change in EAD

YOUR QUESTION: We have applied for an L-1 visa for an employee of our company. The wife has obtained an L-2 visa and on the basis of this obtained a General Work Permit in the USA. Now the lady has…

Updated on 29.09.2022

Visa question of the month - visa expires during stay in USA

Your question: Our employee has noticed that his visa is expiring while he is with our subsidiary in the US. His I-94, on the other hand, is still valid for longer. Is this a problem?

Updated on 13.09.2022

Visa Question of the Month - Changes to existing US visas after change of ownership?

Your question: Our group of companies was bought out. What happens now with the existing L-blanket visas of our employees? Will the visas lose their validity and have to be reissued?

Updated on 28.06.2022

Visa Question of the Month - Significant Changes in E-2 Registration

Your question: Due to restructuring measures within our group of companies (German GmbH), our US location has recently been operating not only under a new name, but now also has a different legal…

Updated on 16.05.2022

Visa question of the month - EAD renewal not approved in time, now what?

Your question: What happens if the EAD application for an employee at the US location is not renewed in time by the US authorities?

Updated on 25.02.2022

Visa question of the month - Passport sent to wrong address, what now?

Your question: After a successful interview at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, my passport has now been sent. As it turns out, the passport has now been deposited by the consulate for collection…

Updated on 11.01.2022

Visa question of the month - Interview or postal application

Your question: Our employee has already booked an appointment at the US consulate in Frankfurt/Main. Unfortunately, this appointment will not take place for another four weeks. Do you advise to keep…

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