E Visa

Popular work visa for the United States

The E visa belongs to the category of work visas and allows holders to stay temporarily in the United States to work. We would be happy to check whether your company and your employees qualify for the E category. Please feel free to contact us!

Registration procedure for the E visa

As soon as the first employee of a company has received an E visa, the company is considered "E registered". This simplifies the application process for additional visas and enables the company to send qualified employees to the United States more quickly and easily.

In contrast to many other work visa categories, there is no requirement for a minimum period of employment with an E visa, i.e. in principle, newly hired employees can also be sent to the U.S. in this cateogy. In practice, however, it is increasingly difficult to prove that specialised knowledge is available despite a short period of employment.

Since the E visa is relatively inexpensive and the application procedure less time-consuming, it is always a worthwhile alternative to other U.S. work visas, such as the L visa.

E visa consulting

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Requirements for the E visa

The E visa is based on bilateral agreements between the United States of America and 50 or 80 other countries, respectively. Therefore, only companies from these contracting countries can benefit from this visa option. A list of these countries can be found on the website of the U.S. Department of State.

Subcategories of the E visa

The e-visa is divided into two subcategories. Depending on the entry requirements of the company, applicants can apply for a visa in one of the following two categories:



For whom


E-1 Visa

Treaty Trader Visa


Maximum 5 years

E-2 Visa

Treaty Investor Visa


Maximum 5 years


Further information, such as the respective validity periods, application processes or special features of the two E visa categories, can be found on the respective sub-pages.

Find the most important information on this visa category compiled in one document (PDF) free of charge.

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