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Our services for companies and their employees

The American Dream - US Visa Service GmbH is a specialized service provider that will help you and your staff obtain an appropriate residence permit for the United States.

We are ready to advise businesses and to take over the complete handling of the visa application process. Our services include a comprehensive initial consultation on possible visa options, the joint strategic planning of your U.S. project, and the assumption of responsibility for the entire visa process.

We are your go-to professional partner in the USA thanks to our governmentally licensed consultants for expatriates and foreign workers in the U.S.(we are licensed in accordance with §1 of the AuswSG (German Emigration Protection Act) in the version of March 12, 2013). Do not hesitate to contact us directly, or get to know our services in this detailed overview.


Individual Visa Consulting

We advise you individually on your available visa options. Our visa consultants have extensive professional knowledge, and they can keep you up-to-date about the current U.S. entry requirements.

We would be happy to advise you on your visa options regardless of whether you choose to continue to process your visa applications internally or outsource the work to us.

We can discuss our visa consulting services at length with you, including the potential advantages and disadvantages of various visitor visas, work visas, and immigrant visas. We are prepared to present you with timely solutions based on the particular needs of your company. We can therefore keep you abreast of your options and point out any applicable limitations. Our aim is to provide you with the information that you need to make the right decisions for your company and your employees.

We offer the following consulting options:

  • Personal Consultation
    You can make an appointment for a personal consultation with our visa experts. These meetings generally take place at our offices in Berlin. On request we can of course meet with you at your location.
    Just contact us to arrange your personal appointment.
  • Phone Consultation
    Our customers most frequently choose a consultation by phone. Phone consultations allow customers from around the world o get in contact with us easily and at any time on a flexible basis.

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Complete Visa Processing

Do you need a visa for the U.S.? Our goal is to make applying for a U.S. visa as easy and secure as possible. We take into account the current conditions of entry and visa regulations, and we will take care of all the application steps in an individualized and timely manner.

Let us summarize the U.S. visa application process by way of the following example:

  • Each applicant will be provided with individualized informational materials (checklists, templates) so that they can gather the necessary application documents.
  • We provide detailed guidance and assistance to HR managers and applicants about how to& compile the necessary application documentation.
  • We sift through, check, and correct& all application documents in order to meet the statutory visa requirement profile.
  • We also offer form DS-160 drafting services, including passport photo editing. We can also potentially help you fill out other application forms.
  • We will remit the consular visa application fee and make sure that it is paid in due time before your consular interview at the U.S. consulate.
  • We also take care of coordinating and approving your interview appointment at the U.S. Consulate General.
  • One of our clerks will also compile and send the necessary application documents requesting a personal interview at the U.S. Consulate General (including the writing of the explanatory statement for the application).
  • Finally, we will provide each employee who is preparing for a foreign assignment in the U.S. with detailed information about the border situation when entering the U.S. prior to the personal interview at the U.S. Consulate.

The application process differs depending on the visa category and depending on which U.S. authorities the application is submitted to. For this reason, it is very important for you to receive first a consultation about your individual visa options.

In addition to working closely with your human resources managers, we provide all applicants with the opportunity to get advice by phone, fax or e-mail throughout the application process.

Customized Visa Solutions

Do you have tricky special cases that you would like to entrust to the experts? Are you looking for a service provider that is familiar with the consular procedures of Germany, Europe and other countries around the world?

Or are you interested in optimizing your internal processes to best match the procedures of the U.S. authorities or outsourcing time-consuming visa processing tasks at your company?

In addition to our comprehensive packages of visa processing services, we also offer services that handle individual parts of the process that are tailored to your specific needs.


Do you need assistance with the coordination and time management of business trips and assignments? We can flexibly tailor the visa processing procedure to meet your company's internal processes and help you create the necessary corporate structures at your company.


Would you like to reduce your company’s visa processing workload? Are there sub-processes related to visa paperwork that rob you of a lot of time?
We guarantee that we can process your visa applications quickly and securely. We are happy to act as the central point of contact for your employees.


Is there a group of visa applications that are significantly more complex than the normal U.S. visas that your company usually handles? Our visa consultants have many years of experience in U.S. immigration law and can provide you with reliable assistance.


Our comprehensive support service for U.S. visas also includes the applicant’s family members. We make sure that family members are not left out of the relocation process.


Your benefits

Strategic approach

Enterprises have different needs. First of all, we conduct a comprehensive examination to determine which visa is right for your company and for each of your employees in particular. Of course, we take into account which visa options make the most strategic sense for your business. We examine each option in terms of security, cost, and expense.

Rapid processing of your visa application

Applicants from around the world entrust their the U.S. visa applications to us, and since we specialize in U.S. visa requirements and work with them on a constant basis, we can offer rapid and reliable processing services. We can optimize and accelerate the visa application process for you.

We’ve got it handled!

Perhaps you have become frustrated with your current service provider or lawyer who is based in the U.S. due to the slow response times? With us you will not experience any time zone differences and complications with communicating in English. Communicating in English is a matter of course for us when we deal with international customers. However, our German corporate customers appreciate the ability to write and speak in their mother tongue, especially when discussing complex immigration law topics.

In addition, you will be assigned a dedicated contact person throughout the entire application process.

Fixed Prices

Depending on the visa category, we can offer you a fixed package price so that you can calculate the costs better.

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