Immigrant Visa

Permanent Residency (Green Card)

Applying for an immigrant visa is (= lawful permanent resident status) is for many people the most important step to living permanently and or being able to work in the U.S.

Immigrant visas, which are known as Green Cards or immigrant visas, give the foreign citizen the unlimited right to live permanently and work in the United States without being restricted to a specific employer. You receive all of the same rights and obligations as a U.S. citizen except for the right to vote, to serve on a jury in court, or to stand for elective or government offices.

There are different ways to obtain a Green Card.
Below we give you an overview of each category and the respective requirement criteria. You can obtain a Green Card through employment, for reasons of family reunification, or by winning the Green Card Lottery.

Please note: If you do not directly qualify for an immigrant visa, then please consider your options for obtaining a non-immigrant visa (work visa, visitor visa, or intern / student visa).


Immigration through job / investment - Employment-based categories

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Immigration for reasons of family reunification - Family-based categories

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Immigration by winning the Green Card Lottery - Diversity Visa Program

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