Updated on 08.05.2024

USCIS International Field Office

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the opening of two new international field offices.

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What is a USCIS International Field Office?

In addition to the USCIS Service Centers, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services maintains so-called USCIS Field Offices within the United States. These field offices are open to the public, but only by appointment.

USCIS International Field Offices are offices of the US immigration authority USCIS outside the United States. These USCIS field offices are located in US embassy and US consulate buildings around the world. In Germany, for example, the USCIS International Immigration Office was attached to the US Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main. There were a total of 24 USCIS international offices, of which only 9 locations remained due to extensive closures.

The USCIS International Field Offices process, among other things, Green Card applications for alien family members of US citizens living outside the United States (I-130 form, Petition for Alien Relative) or receive Transportation Letter applications.

Opening of new USCIS field offices

After the USCIS began closing its field offices in 2018 under the Trump administration, the opening of 2 new locations in May 2024 has now been announced.

Contrary to initial reports that all USCIS field offices would be closed, 11 international locations are now open:

  1. China: Beijing
  2. China: Guangzhou
  3. Cuba: Havana
  4. El Salvador: San Salvador
  5. Guatemala: Guatemala City
  6. Honduras: Tegucigalpa
  7. India: New Delhi
  8. Kenya: Nairobi
  9. Mexico: Mexico City
  10. Qatar: Doha (new)
  11. Turkey: Ankara (new)

The USCIS field offices are particularly responsible for processing and resettling refugees.

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Updated on 08.05.2024