Updated on 20.06.2022

Quarantine and COVID-19 rules when entering the United States

Due to the corona crisis, we receive questions about the current U.S. travel restrictions as well as about the quarantine and COVID-19 regulations that apply upon entry and within the United States. We therefore provide general information regarding quarantine in the U.S. and also refer to the current COVID-19 / quarantine regulations of all U.S. states.

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General information about quarantine and USA entry

With the fall of the Travel Ban, travel to the US can resume for many nations as of Nov. 8, 2021, albeit under strict sanitary guidelines.

The new regulation largely abolishes the previously established regulations for foreign travelers from certain countries and instead introduces a globally uniform regulation.

Anyone entering the United States since January 26, 2021, will receive a certificate of this (Passenger Attestation Statement) from the airlines, which must be signed.

Attention:While COVID-19 recovered individuals in some European countries (e.g., Germany) receive only a single dose of vaccine and are thus considered fully vaccinated, CDC regulations do not recognize this. According to CDC, two doses of a vaccination series consisting of two doses or one dose of a single-dose vaccination are mandatory. Consequently, affected individuals cannot travel unless they fall under another exemption.

Hygiene and distance rules for air travel

Stricter entry controls and quarantine requirements have already been in place for U.S. travelers since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the entry procedure varies by U.S. state or point of entry (Port of Entry) may vary, the general hygiene and distance rules apply (mask requirement, minimum distance to other persons, regular hand washing, etc.):


  • Disinfection of hands
  • Document control
    complete proof of vaccination
    ATTENTION: We strongly recommend that all travelers check in advance with the appropriate airline exactly what application documentation is required to avoid problems at check-in.
  • Filling out a special corona form (Passenger Attestation Statement)


  • If applicable, submission of COVID-19 vaccination certificates or convalescence documentation.
  • If necessary, routine additional questioning on the part of CBP border officers.

Attention: The quarantine regulations of the USA depend on the current Corona case numbers and are therefore subject to constant changes. In addition, the requirements vary greatly depending on which US state you enter the USA through.

On-site quarantine and COVID-19 rules depending on the US state

Quarantine requirements for USA entry

The quarantine regulations and hygiene measures on site - i.e. after entry into the US has taken place - have differed since November 8, 2021, depending on the vaccination status of the persons traveling.

The CDC continues to recommend wearing mouth-to-nose protection indoors on public transportation and in US transportation hubs (including airplanes).

All information about the quarantine regulation in the USA can be found at here.

Behavior upon contact with a COVID-19 positive individual:


  • Get tested
  • no quarantine needed unless you develop symptoms
  • Watch for possible symptoms until 10 days after contact/illness
  • Go into quarantine if you develop symptoms
  • As a precaution, wear a mask until the 10th day


  • no quarantine needed unless you develop symptoms
  • Watch for possible symptoms until 10 days after contact/illness
  • Go into quarantine if you develop symptoms
  • As a precaution, wear a mask until the 10th day


  • Quarantine for at least 5 whole days, even if you do not show any symptoms.
  • Get tested regularly
  • Mask obligation for at least 5 days
  • Pay attention to your symptoms for at least 10 days after becoming ill
  • Avoid traveling and contact before day 10 of illness before your corona test is negative
  • If you need to leave the house after the 5th day, meet precautions

Quarantine requirements for travel within the US

Quarantine regulations and COVID-19 regulations on the ground in the USA vary greatly, which is why it is difficult for travelers to the USA to keep track of everything. While there are strict quarantine regulations in some US states (e.g. Alaska, Hawaii, etc.), hardly any regulations are noticeable in other regions of the USA. Companies and their employees must therefore find out on a daily basis before entering the country about the regulations in force in the US state through which the employees wish to enter the country.

So you may have to consider regulations from several US states when planning your itinerary in the US.

On the website of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, HHS) you can contact us if necessary via the COVID-19 test stationsinform

For more up-to-date information on quarantine regulations, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website..

Please note that the final decision on each individual's eligibility to enter the United States will be made by officials of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is met at the border crossing.

Quarantine and COVID-19 rules when leaving the country.

Depending on the requirements of the country of destination, a new Corona test is also often required when leaving the USA.

The background to this is that strict entry regulations apply to people traveling (back) to Germany from a high-risk area such as the USA, for example.

In any case, inform yourself at the respective local authorities about the currently applicable regulations (example Germany:Federal Ministry of Health).


Updated on 20.06.2022