Updated on 08.09.2023

Visa requirements for a trip to the USA with children

Are you planning to travel to the USA with children for tourism or business reasons? Find out which visa options are available for families, what family-friendly visa requirements there are and what…

Updated on 31.08.2023

Restricted ESTA entry after Cuba stay

ESTA travelers who have stayed in Cuba will be turned away at border control in the USA under certain conditions. We explain what you should bear in mind when traveling to the USA.

Updated on 09.12.2022

Visa question of the month - Passport Upload when applying for ESTA

Your question: For an end-of-year meeting of our group of companies, we wanted to apply for an ESTA authorization for our managing director. Apparently, recently you have to upload a photo of the…

Updated on 31.03.2022

Visa question - How to obtain a new I-94 form after entering the country?

Your question: Our manager's spouse wants to work in the USA and we have heard that a note is automatically made on the I-94 form. Unfortunately, we could not find it. Can she still work in the USA…

Updated on 22.09.2021

Exit by land

Although leaving the US is less complicated than entering the United States, certain entry and exit formalities should be followed.

Updated on 01.08.2021

ESTA or Visa - Do you need a visa for the USA?

It is not always easy to say whether entry into the USA can take place under the Visa Waiver Program with ESTA or whether a B-1 visa or even a work visa must already be applied for. An assessment…

Updated on 13.10.2019

Einreisevorschriften für Amerikaner

Immer wieder erkundigen sich Personen, welche die US-Staatsbürgerschaft (+ ggf. eine weitere Staatsangehörigkeit) besitzen, nach den Besonderheiten bei der Einreise in die USA. Insbesondere…

Updated on 12.08.2019

Driver's license in the USA

Anyone who frequently travels to the USA on business or is sent to the USA for a longer period of time will ask themselves whether a national or international driver's license is required in the USA…