Updated on 14.06.2022

Entry into the USA: Testing no longer required

As of June 12, 2022, full COVID-19 vaccination coverage is now sufficient for entry into the U.S.; no additional testing is required.Read here what you need to plan for your trip to the USA in the coming months.
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No more need for proof of testing and certificate of recovery

After almost 2 years of a travel ban for international travelers in the USA, most of the travel restrictions were lifted in November 2021. Travelers who had been vaccinated and tested against COVID-19 were allowed to travel to the U.S. again, subject to compliance with all current travel regulations, as well as quarantine requirements and a mask requirement in some cases.

With declines in critically high COVID-19 disease rates and advanced vaccination status worldwide, increased protective measures have been reduced in everyday life in recent months. Travelers to the United States, as of June 12, 2022, are now no longer required to show the airline a negative coronal test or, alternatively, 90 days of active gene senescence status prior to boarding. I.e., the previous proof of a negative COVID-19 test (not older than one day before departure to the USA) is no longer required.

TIP: We advise you nevertheless to inform yourself before the journey both with your airline about the current measures and also which precautionary measures or alsoQuarantine regulationsyou should pay attention to in the state of your stay.

Current protective measures

Despite declining corona cases worldwide, some safety measures are still acute in many areas. As in Germany, each state and, in some cases, major cities in the U.S. have activated different measures.

It is therefore best to familiarize yourself with the local protective measures before entering the USA.

Vaccination still necessary

Although there have been relaxations with respect to a proof of test for boarding a flight to the US, international travelers are still required to have aCorona vaccination certificate of an USA approved vaccine.

Proof of vaccination must be submitted to the airline before departure. Many airlines offer this service via apps or dedicated pages to avoid document chaos at the airport.

The vaccination certificate should be available digitally in English and contain the complete name of the traveler, the date of birth, the dates of the administered vaccinations and the vaccine name.

Convalescent status not accepted as vaccination alternative

Unlike in many European countries, the convalescent status does not play a role in the USA, except as an alternative to a negative coronal test. Should you wish to travel to the USA, it is mandatory to have COVID-19 vaccination protection, as convalescent status does not replace vaccination.

To successfully enter the US, travelers need a current visa or ESTA authorization for visa free entry, in addition to a complete COVID-19 vaccination.

Mask requirement restricted

In the wake of the relaxation of protective measures, there is also currently no longer a requirement in most US states to wear mouth-to-nose coverings in public facilities or even public transportation.

Many airlines have also relaxed their guidelines and no longer require their passengers to wear a face shield during a flight within the USA. However, the requirements during an international flight to or from the US have not yet been partially lifted here.

General the CDC recommends to encourage all people over the age of 2 to continue wearing a mask that covers the mouth and nose on public transportation and major transportation hubs such as airports, train stations, on planes, trains, and even buses.

High travel volume expected for the summer

The travel industry worldwide is expecting as many travelers this summer as before the pandemic. The U.S. in particular, which was closed to international travelers for 19 months due to the travel ban, will see an increased influx of tourists this year.

Waiting times due to lack of personnel

Due to the pandemic, many airlines around the world are currently experiencing a severe shortage of staff, not only in the air but also on the ground. Due to the restricted air traffic within the last years, many affected female employees from the tourism industry have had to look for new jobs and have left the critical travel industry completely.

The first airlines have already warned for the coming months that, in addition to long waiting times at the airport, there may be flight cancellations. However, the airports will be even more directly affected, as there is also a huge shortage of staff, especially at security checks, baggage and check-in.

Visa appointments at the consulate only available again from 2023 onwards

But already with the preparation for the vacation it starts with the waiting time. Because even in the area of visas, there has been a backlog over the last few months due to closures, illness and a lack of staff at the US visa processing.

USA travelers must therefore be prepared with longer waiting times for B visas partly with a lead time of 6-8 months. Those who cannot travel with an ESTA approval and do not yet have a visa will hardly or only with difficulty have a possibility to travel to the USA at short notice this year. However, the appointment situation is constantly changing, depending on the US consulate and visa category.

Therefore, we can currently only advise you not to book a flight before you have made an appointment at the US Consulate.

Price increase in tourism industry

In addition, increased costs must currently be planned for vacations in the USA, both for airfare and hotel costs, as well as for rental cars, fuel and meals.

The US has always been known and popular for many years for affordable rental cars, but especially the cheap gas. Especially for vacationers who have planned long road trips through the land of freedom, this was an enormous relief and savings factor in addition to the otherwise high expenses for food or even hotels. But the combination of the Corona pandemic, the Ukraine war and inflation are also clearly felt in the USA.



Updated on 14.06.2022