Updated on 08.09.2023

Visa requirements for a trip to the USA with children

Are you planning to travel to the USA with children for tourism or business reasons? Find out which visa options are available for families, what family-friendly visa requirements there are and what…

Updated on 07.09.2023

Tightening of ESTA regulations for Hungary

For Hungarian travelers, visa-free entry into the U.S. with ESTA is now only possible to a limited extent. What changes can travelers from Hungary expect in the future?

Updated on 07.09.2023

ESTA application via app

The application for visa-free entry to the USA with ESTA is now also possible via app. We take a closer look at the new application option and show you the advantages of the app.

Updated on 12.06.2023

USCIS: Fraud allegations surrounding H-1B record-breaking season

The H-1B season is popular with employers to get work visas for employees through a lottery process. A huge increase in registrations in 2023 showed that some companies were trying to illegally cheat…

Updated on 20.05.2023

Visa question of the month - Multiple employers allowed in the US?

YOUR QUESTION: I will be working in the US for the subsidiary of my current employer on the L-1 visa. In this regard, I have the following questions: Can I work for other US employers at the same…

Updated on 03.05.2023

Covid vaccination no longer required for US travels

On May 1, 2023, the U.S. government officially announced the end of the Corona vaccination requirement for travelers to the United States. This means that one of the last pandemic-related regulations…

Updated on 18.04.2023

Increased visa fees from June 2023

The U.S. Department of State has published a new fee schedule for consular services. The new fees of the affected visas will then become effective mid June 2023.

Updated on 07.03.2023

Green cards and EADs get new security design

Since February 2023, green cards and EADs have been given a new look including improved security features. The optimized cards are designed to protect against manipulation and counterfeiting. See the…

Updated on 07.03.2023

USA lifts COVID-19 emergency measures

As the White House announced in late January, the Biden administration plans to let the US public health emergency imposed because of the coronavirus expire in May 2023. We look back on 3 years of…

Updated on 17.02.2023

US immigration agency plans fee increase

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced an increase in fees for certain visa categories and application processes to cover its operating costs, expedite processing of current…

Updated on 16.02.2023

Visa question of the month - When must the visa extension be arranged?

YOUR QUESTION: I have a valid visa for the USA. How far in advance of the expiration date can I apply for the extension of the same visa? How is the visa extension application process different from…

Updated on 31.01.2023

Visa question of the month - Derived visa for adopted children?

YOUR QUESTION: We are applying for an L-1 visa for our employee. He is accompanied to the USA by his wife and three children. One of the employee's children is their common child (8 years old…

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