If you wish to apply for a US work visa through USCIS, such as H or L, you must complete the I-129 application form. Below you will learn everything you need to know about the I-129 form for temporary work stays in the United States.

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What is the I-129 form?

The I-129 application form is officially called Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. This form is used to submit numerous work visa applications for the United States to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). These are petitions for temporary work stays in the USA and status renewal or change of status applications in the following categories:

  • H-1B
  • H-2A
  • H-2B
  • H-3
  • L-1
  • O-1
  • O-2
  • P-1
  • P-1S
  • P-2
  • P-2S
  • P-3
  • P-3S
  • Q-1
  • R-1
Application of the I-129

In addition, the I-129 form applies to applications for extension or change of status in the E-1, E-2, E-3, H-1B1, or TN category.

Attention:Those who apply for a work visa usually have to be prepared for very long processing times. Depending on the responsible USCIS Service Center, the processing times for the respective work visa categories vary during the regular application process.

In addition to the regular application process just mentioned, USCIS offers what is called a Premium processing method in particular as a result of the sometimes very long processing times. For a fee of 2,500 US dollars and the submission of the I-907 form ("Request for Premium Processing Service") such applications are processed by the U.S. Immigration Service within 15 calendar days (provided there are no queries). It is also possible to expedite regularly submitted applications, virtually with an upgrade to the Premium Processing Service, in which the form and fee are submitted by check.

Notice: Complete all sections of the form and remember to sign your form. Forms that are not signed will be rejected.

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