New: Delivery of passport no longer free of charge

After a succesful interview, the U.S. consulate will keep the applicants' passport for issuing the visa. As soon as the visa is printed and glued to the passport, it will be delivered to the applicant. In Germany, this delivery was free of charge so far, but that has changed since December 11th, 2018.


Previous delivery option

The return address has to be set in the personal online visa profile. In the past years, the postal delivery of the passport from the U.S. consulate to German addresses was free of charge, no matter if they were private or business.

New delivery option

Since November 26th, 2018 the U.S. government adjusted to a new solution. The new delivery option will will be gradually introduced all over the world.

In Germany, the changes took effect on December 11th, 2018. Applicants in Germany have now the following options:

1.   Personal Pickup in Germany

Applicants can pick up their passports at one of the so-called Mail Boxes Etc (MBE) locations. This service is free of charge and available for all German applicants.

After the interview the applicant will be noticed via email or text message as soon as the passport is ready for pickup at one of the chosen locations. After showing a valid photo ID the passport including the visa will be handed over.

If you would like to assign a different person with the pickup of your passport, a copy of your ID and a signed authorization are required.

2.   Premium delivery in Germany

Beside the personal pickup, applicants can also choose the postal delivery within Germany.

In this case, the return address hast to be set in the applicant’s online visa profile and a fee of 18,02€ will be charged. This fee has to be paid per applicant what can be important for families e.g..

Particularities of the premium delivery:

  • The applicant is required to confirm the receipt of the parcel with his / her signature
  • There is just one delivery attempt. Otherwise the parcel will be delivered to
    1. a neighbor or
    2. to a nearby packing station.
  • If the visa was not approved, the fee can be refunded. The applicant has to apply for a refund within five days via e-mail to
  • If the parcel happens to get lost by the deliverer, the applicant will be refunded 100€. Other compensations are not possible.

Changing the delivery option

You can change your delivery option online or by phone without any additional costs until the last day of the interview, 11:59 PM.

Status request

Not earlier than three days after the interview you can check the status of your application online. Furthermore, all applicants will receive an e-mail and a text message with the notice that either the passport is ready for pickup at the chosen location or that it was dispatched.

What does this mean for US Visa Service customers?

We will contact all our customers that are affected by the changes mentioned above.

If you continue to wish that your passport will be sent to your private or business address, we are happy to coordinate the delivery for the regular fee of 18,02€.

We will keep you informed about further changes and developments.

updated on 17.01.2019

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