Emergency appointment for the U.S. consulate

Visa interview for urgent trip to the U.S.

In the event that interview appointments at the U.S. consulate are temporarily unavailable, urgent travel plans can quickly be jeopardized. Emergency appointments at the U.S. consulates seem to be a possible rescue here. However, they are only granted for justified emergencies. We will help you to arrange an urgent appointment. Please feel free to contact us at any time!


Reasons for an emergency appointment

Under certain circumstances, a visa applicant may request an emergency appointment with the U.S. consulate. The U.S. consulate lists the exceptions in which emergency appointments may be requested. Provided the emergency appointment is needed for one of the following reasons, it may be allowed by the U.S. consulate:

  • medical emergency
  • family emergency (funeral / death)
  • participation in a scheduled exchange program (students and exchange visitors)
  • ESTA refusal
  • urgent business trip
  • travelers turned away at check-in (e.g., even if the flight could not be boarded on child's passport)

Please note that the decision to grant an emergency appointment, is always made by the U.S. consulate. There is no guarantee that your emergency appointment request will be accepted.

No permissible reasons for an emergency appointment

Failure to apply for a U.S. visa in a timely manner does not constitute grounds for an emergency appointment. Moreover, for business travelers, referring to an urgent client appointment for meetings might not necessarily qualify as an emergency.

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Make an emergency appointment

In order to request an emergency appointment, the first step is to make a regular visa appointment. Accordingly, you must pay the consular fee in the usual way, schedule an interview appointment, and complete and submit the online DS-160 visa application.

Tip: If you use the visa profile to pay the consular fee via instant bank transfer, you can schedule a visa appointment immediately.

Check Availability

Before requesting an urgent appointment, be sure to check the availability of consular interview appointments at U.S. consulates in the home country. Emergency appointments are usually only made if there are no appointments available at all locations where one can apply for the desired U.S. visa.
Applicants in Germany, for example, have the option of attending a visa interview in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main or Munich. While in Austria the consular section of the U.S. embassy in Vienna is responsible, applicants in Switzerland can contact the U.S. embassy in Bern.

If there are no available regular interview appointments, emergency appointments can be given for the next available appointment at the U.S. consulates in your home country.

After you have prepared the application as far as possible and reserved the next available regular appointment, you can request an emergency appointment through the visa profile.

Cite reasons

In any case, the urgency of the trip to the U.S. must be proven with supporting documents. These can be letters from the U.S., proof of appointments or invitations, for example. Students should also include confirmation that the SEVIS fee has been paid in addition to the evidence of the start of the program. In case of an ESTA denial, a printout or proof of the rejection must be submitted as well.

The letter of justification must be written in English and supported by other documents.

Classification as an emergency appointment - what happens next?

If your request is classified as an emergency by the U.S. consulate, you will receive an e-mail notification that an emergency appointment can be scheduled. You will then see the emergency appointments available to you in your visa profile, which you used to book the first regular appointment. Once the emergency appointment has been booked, the rest of the application process will proceed as usual and you will be able to prepare for the in-person interview at the U.S. consulate with the appropriate application documents.

It should be noted that the emergency appointment may not necessarily take place at the applicant's preferred location – e.g. close to home. The time and, in particular, the place of application cannot be chosen by the applicant at an emergency appointment. Furthermore, an urgent appointment can only be requested once you have all the necessary documents.

Updated on 9.9.2021

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  • Hello,
    We are sorry for your loss.
    We would be happy to assist you in applying for a National Interest Exception (NIE). Please contact us by phone (+49 30 3982040-00) or e-mail (info@usvisaservice.de) as we currently do not have any contact information from you and the comment function on our website is not suitable to provide reliable advice.
    All contact options are also summarized here: https://en.usvisaservice.de/about-us/contact/
    Your US Visa Service team

  • I am 76 years old, my Sister lives in the US, and hast become an American citizin. Both, my Brother and husband passed away last year. I am desperate to spend time with my sister whom I haven't seen for 2 years.Can you help me obtain an NIE authorization?
    I worked for the US Air Force in Berlin as the Base Commander's Secretary for 17 years. Please try to help me by giving me an appointment at the Consulate. Thank you for your Help!

  • Hello,
    We are sorry for your loss.
    Whether you qualify for a National Interest Exception (NIE) is decided solely by the U.S. consulate. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact the U.S. consulates in Germany via e-mail:
    FrankfurtVisaInquiries@state.gov (Frankfurt / Main)
    ConsBerlin@state.gov (Berlin)
    ConsMunich@state.gov (Munich)
    More information about National Interest Exceptions can be found on our website: https://en.usvisaservice.de/us-visa/national-interest-exception/
    Please also note that although emergency appointments for urgent U.S. travel are possible, there is a high refusal rate.
    We hope that this information will help you and wish you all the best.
    Your US Visa Service team

  • Dear Sirs,
    I've just learned that my 27 year old stepson from my first marriage (I'm a German citizen, my ex-wife and stepson are/have been US citizens) has passed away. Is there any chance, I qualify for an NIE, so I could attend his funeral?
    Thanks for listening, sincerely
    Frank Bitterhof

  • Dear Stefanie,
    We are sorry to hear that your best friend died. We can understand that you would like to be in the United States for her ceremony. However, please keep in mind that persons traveling from Schengen still fall under the Corona Travel Ban and are currently not allowed to travel to the United States unless they qualify for a NIE (National Interest Exception).
    Only in some rare cases a NIE (National Interest Exception) is granted by the authorities for persons who deal with a personal tragedy. You may contact frankfurtvisainquiries@state.gov and ask if you qualify under theses special circumstances. Persons who have a valid ESTA or B visa do not need to apply for an interview. They should simply write a note to the e-mail above and attach their passport copy, ESTA approval or visa copy and evidence for a NIE request which would be in your case the death certificate and invitation to the funeral service.
    We hope that this information will help you.
    Your US Visa Service team

  • Hello,
    I would like to travel to LA. My best friend died in Santa Barbara yesterday. I would like to be there for the ceremony. IS this possible. I am a german citizen, own a house in Santa Barbara and pay taxes. Pls let me know what you need from my side for the whole process. Let me know also if I could stay in my house afterwards for at least 3 months. Thanks in advance, Stefanie Schlott (stefanie.schlott@gmx.de, 01717535527)