Intern / Student Visa

For pursuing training opportunities in the USA

The United States offers a variety of opportunities to acquire international work experience or to experience everyday life in America at an American educational institution. Whether you are intending to pursue an internship, full-time studies, vocational training or a language course, below you will find the best visa categories to meet you needs.


F-1 Visa

Visa for students

The F-1 visa is for persons who want to attend a full-time college or university or a language course for a certain number of hours per week. 

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J-1 Visa

Visa for internships and research stays

The J-1 visa qualifies individuals to participate in various exchange programs of the U.S. Department of State. Students, trainees, and professionals can complete a time-limited internship in the U.S.

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M-1 Visa

Visa for professional training 

Persons who wish to attend a non-academic or professional institution, such as a flight school, need to apply for an M-1 visa.

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