Contact options for individuals

Get your individual advice by phone!

We provide our services in the field of visa service as a government recognized agency. Please note, we are not a consulate and are not affiliated with the US authorities.
Surely you have already seen that we provide extensive information on visas and entry into the U.S. completely free of charge on our website. However, we cannot provide general information at no cost by e-mail or telephone.

If you would like to receive binding information, we will be happy to advise you individually on your plans for the United States. There are two consultation options available to you:

Fee-based consultingFor a more detailed telephone consultation by our U.S. visa consultants we charge a fee of € 89.25 per 30 minutes started (or € 75.00 plus 19% VAT).
To make an appointment, please fill out our online consultation form.

Our company also offers the complete handling or support of visa procedures. We will be happy to send you an individual offer upon request.

Further information about U.S. entry requirements and possibilities of a U.S. visa application in times of the Corona crisis can be found at any time on our US Visa Service website or on the website of the U.S. embassies and U.S. consulates worldwide.