Updated on 14.03.2024

Digital US visa: Digital Visa Authorization (DVA) on the rise

Now that the U.S. State Department has successfully completed the pilot program for digital visa approval, there are no more obstacles to the introduction of paperless US visas. We will inform you…

Updated on 03.11.2023

Return of passport after interview at the US consulate

After a successful interview at the US consulate, the applicant has two options to get the passport back. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of both delivery options.

Updated on 07.03.2023

Green Cards and EADs get new security design

Since February 2023, Green Cards and EADs have been given a new look including improved security features. The optimized cards are designed to protect against manipulation and counterfeiting. See the…

Updated on 09.01.2023

New visa design since 2023

US visas in all categories have been given a new design. The Lincoln look has been replaced by the Golden Gate Bridge. What impact does this have on current visas?

Updated on 09.12.2022

Visa question of the month - Passport Upload when applying for ESTA

Your question: For an end-of-year meeting of our group of companies, we wanted to apply for an ESTA authorization for our managing director. Apparently, recently you have to upload a photo of the…

Updated on 08.11.2022

Abolition of US entry stamps in passport

It is already becoming increasingly rare for travelers to receive a stamp in their passport at border control in the USA.How can you check their exact departure dates in the future?

Updated on 31.10.2022

Introduction of uniform ID standards in the USA

After many years of preparation, the REAL ID is a standardized ID requirement for US citizens for domestic flights, among other things. How is the REAL ID different from other forms of identification?

Updated on 17.06.2022

Visa question of the month - Valid visa in expired passport?

Your question: My valid B-1 visa from my former employer is in my expired passport. How can I still use it?

Updated on 25.02.2022

Visa question of the month - Passport sent to wrong address, what now?

Your question: After a successful interview at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, my passport has now been sent. As it turns out, the passport has now been deposited by the consulate for collection…

Updated on 20.11.2019

Visa question of the month - Old passport with US visa gone

Your question: We are applying for a US visa for an employee. According to the US authorities, previously issued US visas must be provided in the interview. These were, in an old passport that the…

Updated on 24.07.2019

Valid passport upon Green Card lottery application

In July 2019 the U.S. Department of State (DOS) changed the conditions of participation in the official Diversity Visa Program. As of now a valid passport is required when registering for the annual…

Updated on 19.11.2014

Visa question of the month - Changes in passport number after arranging the interview appointment

Your question: My passport number changed after I made the appointment at the consulate. Do I have to make a new interview appointment and fill out a new DS-160 application?