Visa Solutions

Customized solutions to match your individual requirements

Do you have tricky special cases that you would like to entrust to the experts? Are you looking for a service provider that is familiar with the consular procedures of Germany, Europe and other countries around the world?

Or are you interested in optimizing your internal processes to best match the procedures of the U.S. authorities or outsourcing time-consuming visa processing tasks at your company?

In addition to our comprehensive packages of visa processing services, we also offer services that handle individual parts of the process that are tailored to your specific needs.

Take advantage of our customized solutions

Do you need assistance with the coordination and time management of business trips and assignments?  We can flexibly tailor the visa processing procedure to meet your company's internal processes and help you create the necessary corporate structures at your company.   

Outsource individual parts of the process

Would you like to reduce your company’s visa processing workload? Are there sub-processes related to visa paperwork that rob you of a lot of time?  
We guarantee that we can process your visa applications quickly and securely. We are happy to act as the central point of contact for your employees.  

Outsource complex special cases

Is there a group of visa applications that are significantly more complex than the normal U.S. visas that your company usually handles? Our visa consultants have many years of experience in U.S. immigration law and can provide you with reliable assistance.

Don’t forget the family members

Our comprehensive support service for U.S. visas also includes the applicant’s family members.  We make sure that family members are not left out of the relocation process.

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