Updated on 12.06.2023

USCIS: Fraud allegations surrounding H-1B record-breaking season

The H-1B season is popular with employers to get work visas for employees through a lottery process. A huge increase in registrations in 2023 showed that some companies were trying to illegally cheat…

Updated on 20.05.2023

Visa question of the month - Multiple employers allowed in the US?

YOUR QUESTION: I will be working in the US for the subsidiary of my current employer on the L-1 visa. In this regard, I have the following questions: Can I work for other US employers at the same…

Updated on 04.11.2022

Visa question of the month - Name change in EAD

YOUR QUESTION: We have applied for an L-1 visa for an employee of our company. The wife has obtained an L-2 visa and on the basis of this obtained a General Work Permit in the USA. Now the lady has…

Updated on 13.09.2022

Visa Question of the Month - Changes to existing US visas after change of ownership?

Your question: Our group of companies was bought out. What happens now with the existing L-blanket visas of our employees? Will the visas lose their validity and have to be reissued?

Updated on 28.06.2022

Visa Question of the Month - Significant Changes in E-2 Registration

Your question: Due to restructuring measures within our group of companies (German GmbH), our US location has recently been operating not only under a new name, but now also has a different legal…

Updated on 16.05.2022

Visa question of the month - EAD renewal not approved in time, now what?

Your question: What happens if the EAD application for an employee at the US location is not renewed in time by the US authorities?

Updated on 15.10.2021

H-2B Visa - Quota for US Fiscal Year 2019 Reached

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that the additional 30,000 H-2B visas made available for US fiscal year 2019 are also out of stock. Read here who can apply for…

Updated on 01.08.2021

ESTA or Visa - Do you need a visa for the USA?

It is not always easy to say whether entry into the USA can take place under the Visa Waiver Program with ESTA or whether a B-1 visa or even a work visa must already be applied for. An assessment…

Updated on 24.09.2019

Visa question of the month - effects of company changes on e visa

Your Question: Due to restructuring measures within our group of companies our US location has changed and we even have a different legal form (change from LLC to Inc.). Does this have effects on the…

Updated on 10.11.2017

Künstler, Sportler, Entertainer - ESTA oder Visum bei Teilnahme an Wettbewerb oder Talentshow in den USA

Die USA richten immer wieder Veranstaltungen, Wettkämpfe, Talentshows oder Workshops aus. Da unsere Expertise vermehrt zu diesem Thema zu Rate gezogen wurde, möchten wir die Einreiseformalitäten und…