U.S. Visa Categories

Complete Overview

The United States have many different types of visa categories. Depending on the purpose of residence, the applicant may be eligible for a different visa. The most common types of visas are listed below:  


Visitor Visa

Special visas for entries up to 180 days for restricted stays related to business or pleasure:

B-1 (Business Visitor)

B-2 (Tourist)


Work Visa

Usually one of the following visas are issued for temporary work assignments in the U.S.:

C-1/D (Combined Transit and Crewman)

E-1 Registration (Treaty Trader)

E-2 Registration (Treaty Investor)

E Visa (based on an existing registration)

H-1B (Specialty Occupation Workers)

I (Foreign News Media)

L-1 (Intracompany Transferee)

L-1 Blanket (based on a L Blanket registration)

O-1 (Extraordinary Ability)



The following visa categories are as diverse as the educational opportunities that are available in the U.S.:

F-1 (Student)

J-1 (Exchange Visitor)

M-1 (Non-academic & Vocational)


Immigrant Visa (Green Card)

If the applicant is immigrating to the U.S., then the following opportunities are available:


EB-1 (Priority Workers)

EB-2 (Advanced Degrees/Exceptional Ability)

EB-3 (Skilled Workers, Professionals and other Workers)

EB-4 (Special Immigrants including Religious Workers)

EB-5 (Immigration Investor Program)


Relatives/spouses of U.S. citizens

Relatives/spouses of Green Card holders

Diversity Visa Program