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Have you been successfully outsourcing your IT needs for years to an external partner? Do trained employees at a specialized provider take care of your call center functions? Is your vehicle fleet managed by a large leasing company?
However, you have not yet considered outsourcing your visa processing functions to an independent provider? Let the visa experts at US Visa Service do the heavy lifting!

U.S. immigration law is subject to regular changes that can directly impact you and your employees. It is already a very complex and strict area compared to the visa regulations of other countries, and the U.S. visa application process is not a brief formality.

Advantages of outsourcing your visa processing workload

We have been specializing in U.S. visa applications since 1996, and therefore we are able to provide your with reliable advice and to assist you with your U.S. visa application. Every day our visa consultants deal with a variety of requests and corporate constellations, and they have experience handling complicated special cases. The advantages of outsourcing your visa processing operations to the US Visa Service are clear:

Rapid processing of your visa application

We are familiar with the processes of the local U.S. consulates as we work with them on a constant basis, and we can offer rapid and reliable processing services. We can accelerate the visa application process for you. But we are also a reliable partner that is able to perform at the international level: we help customers around the world with their U.S. visa applications.

Strategic approach

Enterprises have different needs. First of all, we conduct a comprehensive examination to determine which visa is right for your company and in particular for each of your employees.  Of course, we take into account which visa options make the most strategic sense for your business including in terms of time, effort, and cost optimization. We are happy to work with you on application processes that have been tailored to meet your needs and to act as an interface between the interested parties (HR departments, business locations, employees and family members).

We’ve got it handled!

Perhaps you have become frustrated with your current service provider or lawyer who is based in the U.S. due to the slow response times?  

Communicating in English is a matter of course for us when we deal with international customers. For our corporate clients, however, we are also able to provide all informational materials in the German language, of course. Many of our customers appreciate the ability to deal with complex immigration legal topics in their native language.

In addition, your company will be assigned a dedicated contact person throughout the entire application process. Our employees are not only specialists in their respective fields, but they have years of experience partnering with HR departments, and they know the hurdles and problems of sending employees to the U.S. Our staff is very familiar with all the ins and outs of dealing with the U.S. consulates and U.S. authorities around the globe. We see ourselves as joint partners with a common goal: the successful and safe entry of your employees into the United States.

Fixed Prices

We offer a fixed package price. This way, you can better calculate your costs and ensure the planning certainty of your future U.S. projects and related visa applications.  Each visa category comes with its own separate burdens. Therefore, different flat rates apply depending on the scope of the project.

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