Business trip to the USA

In need of a work visa?

Do you want to travel to the USA for business reasons? To make sure your trip is legit and you stay on the right track for further success, we answer the question whether you can enter the U.S. visa-free with ESTA or with a B visa for you.

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911 Customer Emergency

B-1 After Sales or work visa?

Always on alert and ready for action? In order to meet customer needs even in difficult situations, the appropriate visa is required - but which visa is the right one for you? We will help you to figure out which visa fits your needs best for long-term success in the U.S.

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Expansion to the USA

E-Registriation or work visa?

You would like to expand to the United States, set up a U.S. branch or you are already located on site? In order to ensure the quality of your services, specialists are needed on the spot – No problem, we can help!

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Training Internship USA

F-1 visa, J-1 visa, M-1 visa

Whether you intend to study, apply for an internship, do research or start vocational training – the USA has a suitable visa category for every educational reason. We will find the right visa for your needs and make sure you hold it in your hands in no time!

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Make HR easier

More than 40 visa categories

Stay cool when choosing the right visa for your U.S. success. We are experts when it comes down to making the right visa choice, so why even bother your own staff when there are more important things to do?

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Long-term stay in the USA

Doubling you travel time with a B-2 visa?

The visa-free travel time with ESTA is limited to 90 days. For those wishing to double up their time for visit the B-2 visa is the right fit! Travelers can stay up to 180 days in the USA for private and tourist purposes.

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Open door policy for talents

O-1 visa for extraordinarily talented people

Do you have proven extraordinary skills? Musicians, artists, athletes or scientists, they all have special skills in a specific field, which would grant them and their families a special visa to enter the USA.

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Our service for you Safe and secure entry to the U.S.
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As we are specialized in processing U.S visas we will help you find the right visa for you. Our visa consultants deal with visa applications every day and are familiar with U.S. entry regulations. Take advantage of our expertise!

What we offer

Visa category of the month E-1 Treaty Trader and E-2 Treaty Investor
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E-1/E-2 visa based on an existing registration are frequently used by companies worldwide if their employees wishes to complete several business trips or accept a long-term employment relationship in the United States. Are you unclear about the entry requirements, visa validity or application process? We provide information and advice.

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Visa Glossary The ABC of U.S. visas
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Visa applications sometimes raise questions of terminology. With the help of our visa glossary you willl find out everything you need to know about entry regulations, visa issues and U.S. immigration law.

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Visa topic of the month Form DS-2019
visum usa formular ds2019 header

The DS-2019 Form (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status) is mandatory in order to apply for a J-1 visa, and it can only be issued in cooperation with an exchange organization (J-1 visa sponsor). Sounds complicated? No worries – you will find all the important information you need.

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